Net Zero by 2050
Net Zero by 2050
Solar and Hydrogen: The Foundation

Solar and Hydrogen: The Foundation

This podcast provides an overview of the post An Energy Evaluation System: Part 8. Solar and Hydrogen: The Foundation. Please read the full post for additional details.


  1. Solar energy will be the foundational energy source for a Net Zero world.

  2. Solar energy will generate hydrogen as a fuel and chemical feedstock.

  3. Hydrogen will be stored in bulk to take care of the intermittent nature of solar power.


Electrolysis of Water

Water contains hydrogen for a Net Zero economy

Net Zero by 2050
Net Zero by 2050
We provide information and guidance for organizations implementing ‘Net Zero greenhouse gas’ programs. We also provide updates to do with process safety management (PSM) and the proposed changes to OSHA’s PSM regulation.
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